Is it really one pound a chair cover with or without the sash?
Yes, the core or basic charge of a single chair cover and sash is £1 for all orders over 300 chair covers.
There is an additional charge of 30% which equates to £0.30p per cover for fitment of each cover and sash.

Smaller amounts are priced. Please see price list.

There is a also a mileage currently at £0.40p per mileage charge if your venue is located outside Birmingham.
* Please note this may vary due to fluctuations in the price of fuel. We will endeavour however to keep the cost as reasonable as possible.
Why are your chair covers so cheap to hire?
We have negotiated discounts with our suppliers because we buy in bulk, therefore passing on the savings to our customers.
Do you wash them?
All chair covers are washed and repacked after each event and all sashes reironed, ensuring fresh clean covers.
Does cheap price mean cheap service and quality?
Absolutely not. Lowcost offer the highest quality covers with highest quality service, we have arranged chair covers for names such as, Aston Villa football club and Selfridges and Co. See Our Client’s page...
Are you weekend event people only?
No. Low-Cost chair covers is a professionally run full-time business with our own showroom and offices to cater for the clients seven days a week. We also do events that are held at anytime during the week.
Can I get any discount?
Unfortunately due to low-cost offering such a cheap price on chair cover hire we don’t have the scope to manoeuvre on prices.
Do you have insurance?
Yes we are fully insured.
8. Will the chair covers fit the chairs at the venue?
Our chair covers are four way lycra stretch and fit the majority of chairs. In the event that we are unsure we will go and test the chair covers at the venue before hand.
Do we have to wash the chair covers after?
No, we do not ask our customers to remove, pack or wash the covers at any time.